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Updated on Dec 06, 2018 Useful Info

How to take the new high speed train from Hong-Kong to Mainland China (Step-to-step guide)

The new Railway is the best way to transit between Hong-Kong and mainland, there are multiple lines opened up, you can quickly travel from HongKong to various cities in mainland such as Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Changsha, Beijing etc.

  1. Take the metro to Austin
  2. Take exit C or follow the sign for High Speed Rail
  3. Buy tickets on vending machines (they are everywhere) You can pay with credit card, Hong-Kong dollar cash, or Hong-Kong Octopus card
  4. Follow sign to Departure Hall (mind that you need to go through customs BEFORE getting on the train, so reserve enough hours as it tends to get crowded early in the morning and towards the evening
  5. Go through the Hong Kong side of security check first. You are supposed to put everything in to scan - same as what you do at any airports
  6. Go through HK customers
  7. After a short walk you go through the Chiense security check - if you don’t have a suitcase, just walk through they don’t really care for your backpacks or handbags/shopping bags
  8. Go through the Chinese side of customs (I believe foreigner needs to fill a customs card here)
  9. Check which platform your train will depart from and wait around there. Don’t bother lining up too early, the check-in doesn’t open till 15 minutes before departure anyway. (The number of the platform is also printed on the top right corner of your ticket)
  10. Welcome to mainland China (don’t throw away your ticket! You need it to exit)

additional notes:

  • there are plenty (if not too many) staff at the station to assist and guide you, they wear orange uniforms
  • again, reserve enough time before the train departure to go through security and customs #IMPORTANT - I would say at least 30minutes, 1h to be safe if you are going around peak hrs
  • if you are going from Shenzhen side to HongKong however, the customs is also on the HongKong side meaning you don’t need much more time before the train (not sure if it’s the same for other cities though)