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Submitted on Mar 29, 2019 Useful Info

How to save money when travelling in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is one of the most expensive cities in the world, many travellers pass by here to soak in the urban scene and get a taste of the ultimate mix of old & new, east & west, rich & "not so rich".


HK's accommodation options are often super tiny, due to the compactness of the city. Not taking about luxury, a regular 4/5 star hotel room could cost easily HKD5K+ (USD$1K+) per night. So your best options are:

  • Book airbnb away from the city center. Take advantage of the ultra advanced public transportation system in HK, buses, metros, all super connected and convenient. A private bedroom could cost HKD300-400, a bit more for the entire place. Note that navigation is not the easiest in HK so make sure you book early and get as many instructions from the host as possible for residential addresses.
  • Stay in Hostels if comfort is not a priority for you. A night in a 8 person dorm could cost around HKD200.

Getting Around:

  • Take public transportation! HK's public transportation system is extremely robust and well-connected. That being said, here r some additional tips.
  • Get an octopus card: Super important for getting around HK! it works as a metro/bus card and a popular payment method for many restaurants and convenience shops. When you leave HK you can trade the card back in to get your deposit back.
  • If you must use a car, take taxi instead of Uber, it often costs 20% less. Avoid taking taxi during rush hour (morning, lunch hour, evening after work) as traffic is bad and time is literally money.


Restaurants in HK often cost a lot especially semi fancy ones or vegan restaurants. A standard meal could cost HKD100-150 (about 25 usd) per person, but there are some hacks:

  • Visit local restaurants: if you see old locals, you can feel confident to eat there, often they are much cheaper, you can get a bowl of noodles for HKD30-50
  • Eat out during lunch and avoid eating dinner out: many places offer lunch combo especially in business districts, you get more bang with your buck.
  • Visit grocery stores: stock up on nuts, snacks in grocery stores. Some sell yummy pre-prepared meals as well. But avoid fancy ones like City Super in malls. Local ones are cheaper.
  • Buy fruits at fruit stands: you should see many fruit stands with large variety of fruits in many corners of HK. the prices are much cheaper than specialty stores or grocery stores. My personal hack is to buy avocado (HKD10-15 each) and sneak them into restaurants to make sure I get some nutrients without paying for thin slices they would otherwise sell.


  • Travel light - HK is very hilly and crowded, you wouldn't want to drag around huge luggages around town - not fun. If you stay in central, Sheung Wan area, there are a lot of stairs too, you would be forced to take a taxi to get around and that's costly.