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Essential things to pack for Iceland trip

Here's a list of the most essential things you should bring with you to Iceland:

  • Credit card: Iceland is almost completely cashless, almost every business accepts credit card, even in tiny remote settlements. I did not carry a single ISK cash on my entire trip. Make sure it's a Visa or MasterCard though
  • Smartphone: it'll come extremely handy for navigation with Google Maps. Just make sure you get a SIM card at the airport
  • Bathing suit: aside from Blue Lagoon, which you need a bathing suit for, there are lots of natural hot springs all over the country you will have opportunities to take a dip in. You can go to these hot springs even in the winter
  • Towel: same reason as bathing suit. Blue Lagoon provides you with towels though
  • Flip flops: some of the natural hot springs (like the Reykjadalur Hot River) have tiny and rough rocks on the floor. It was painful to walk in it without flip flops
  • Driver's license: if you plan on driving, which you should, you'll need your driver's license. Note that you don't need an International Driving Permit if your driver's license is written in Latin alphabets
  • Power adapter for non-European travellers: Iceland uses the same socket as continental European countries (not UK). Technically, you need to get an adapter for either type C or type F.User submitted photo of Iceland
  • If you go in the summer (April - September):
  • Waterproof jacket: weather in Iceland changes quickly and it can also rain for an entire day
  • Eye mask: if you plan to camp this is essential because in the summer the sun never fully sets
  • If you go in the winter:
  • Winter coat: well, duh. Temperature gets below 0C and it's windy all over the country (wind chill can easily make it feel 5-10C colder)