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When is the best time to visit Iceland?

It is said that -

Iceland's weather shifts as much as its rough volcanic landscape - you may actually get four seasons in a day

The Best Weather in Iceland

The summer months, July to August — are Iceland’s warmest, and is the most popular time for tourist visits.

Also, June, with its 24 hours of daylight, is the high peak in tourist season.

But even during the summer, bad weather with rains and strong winds is pretty normal.

Iceland can stay relatively warm until the first week of October. So if you plan your trip for September it could be very good. In this time you will also have enough daylight for sightseeing and warmer breaks.

But if you’re enthusiastic about exploring some of the more remote mountains and fjords, it may not be the best time to visit, as many roads will be closed because of the snow.

The mountain roads are closed from September to June.

For serious hikers, the best time to visit Iceland is the summer, when all the mountain roads are open and all of the most famous trails are accessible.

The Best Time to See Whales

The best months for a whale watch in Iceland are June and July.

Although in the north part of the country,

you’ll have a wider window - from May to August, to enjoy visits from humpbacks, minkes, and dolphins. If you are lucky - a few humpbacks stick around until the end of the year. Even blue whales pass through in June there

The Best Time to See Northern Lights

The Northern Lights appear from September until April – but February to March, and September to October – particularly around the equinoxes – are the best months to see them.

The Cheapest and Coldest time to visit Iceland

While winter can be a magnificent time to visit, temperatures can fall as low as -30°C, especially in northern Iceland. Usually, December to February are the coldest months.

Don't avoid Iceland in winter as it can be an amazing experience – but pack proper thermal gear!

Remember - because of the lack of tourists at this time of the year - it is way cheaper to travel in Iceland in winter than in Summer.