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How to apply for a tourist visa to India and use it


  • Most nationals need a visa to visit India, but it's extremely easy to get an eVisa which would allow you to stay 60 days in India with double entry
  • You can start your application here: https://indianvisaonline.gov.in/visa/tvoa.html
  • They don't ask for any other documents other than a digital copy of your photo and passport info page. Make sure you have the right file size and format:
  • Photo should be a square image, min 10KB max 1MB
  • Passport scan page should be in PDF, min 10 KB Max 300 KB (this was tricky to shrink, I used a site I found online)
  • They don't ask for flights or accommodation booking proof but you should have your address and local Indian contact info handy as that's required info. You can use your hotel booking address and phone number, or friends if you've got any there
  • After finishing filling and uploading files, you will be directed to pay US$80 online to complete the application. They take international credit cards, but not paypal or stripe
  • You will receive an email with confirmation code with which you can look up your application process - although there's not much to look up as they will email you once your visa is ready. It takes up to 72hours, my friend got it almost immediately while I got it literally after 72hr. So make sure you don't apply till the very last minute, they say 4 days min before departure


*** once you received the email saying your visa is granted, mind that is NOT your visa! You must log back to https://indianvisaonline.gov.in/visa/tvoa.html to download your visa under VISA STATUS and PRINT IT, that is your visa. You won't be able to board the plane without it

User submitted photo of India


Once you land, you need to fill an Arrival Card (normally they hand those out during the flight, but mine ran out) User submitted photo of India

  • Then follow the sign for "eVisa" and line up. They didn't ask me any questions, was a super smooth process
  • Note that they will write the visa number on the printed visa, any hotels/homestay/hostel you stay with will ask you for this number when they check you in.