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Unfolding Majestic Hyderabad on a Taxi

Hyderabad as we all know is a city of monumental beauty and many tourist spots. The city is also known as the Pearl City of India after being the hub of pearl and diamond trade in India. A beautiful city to enjoy for you along with your family. The oily road along with the reliable taxi service in Hyderabad makes your journey worth remembrance.

How to reach Hyderabad?

If you are arriving at Needed Airport which is the nearest airport to Hyderabad, then you will easily get a taxi to reach your destination. Even if you reach via trains, you will find taxi's waiting to serve you and your family. For exploring the city and the tourist spots you can easily avail the prepaid taxi. While traveling in a taxi you can enjoy fresh and clean air with good roads. The public transport here is very good with the availability of bus, rail, auto rickshaw, taxi or cab, but while on a tour, taxis are more preferable.

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Some Pro tips to make this Hyderabad tour special

· Plan for 5 days at least: Hyderabad is a city of enjoyment and a great place to add up to your experience. This enjoyment will be more if you have your family beside you. For such a vast city, at least 5 days are a good and appropriate time to stay there.

· Private Cab Booking: As of every family, privacy matters. By using the cab services in Hyderabad, you get a private taxi only for you all. You will not regret enjoying the breeze on the nice roads of the city. If you want to capture the happy moments of you and your family, you should carry a camera with you.

· Winter time is best: It is better if you travel to this wonderful city during winter because here you get to enjoy the chilly winters of nearly 20°C. Even at that time you will get enough cabs in Hyderabad for your transportation and sightseeing.

· Savour Street Foods: Even in the sophisticated and aristocratic city, don’t forget to enjoy the taste of your food at the most with your hand instead of spoons. This is one of those quintessentially Indian habits that you must follow.

· Stay close to airport or station: There are many hotels within 5 kilometres of the airport. Therefore, you don't have to rush anywhere immediately after landing at Hyderabad. You can also look for places near the railway station.

· Be respectful: The temple and mosques and their architectural design will leave you awestruck. So, be in proper dressing if you want to visit any of them as respecting and accepting every religion is what makes us human.

· Visit Heritage Sites: Here, in this city you get to see the Chowmahalla Palace which was literally the residing place of the Nizams. You also get to see and know about the Golconda Fort and the creators behind it. Even the globally known landmark, Charminar which is admired for its unique architecture. There are many such historical spots to stop by and gain knowledge about the history of this city.

· Mind the monkeys: You can also get to see a lot of monkeys as this city is filled with these playful jumping animals. Monkeys are well known for snatching food and other articles that you carry. So, if you want your possessions to be safe, it is advised to be careful from those monkeys as they will not spare if you disturb them.

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Conclusively, the city as well as the taxi services in Hyderabad always welcomes your arrival and tries to bring a smile while you leave the city. Hyderabad was, is and will be preferred by tourists in the history of timeless India.