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Sabang, the charming end of Aceh

Sabang is a city at the western end of the Aceh province that offers the enchanting beauty of maritime tourism. Expanse of blue sea with soft white sand grains and diversity of fish species that swim between coral reefs.

Sabang City is the capital of Weh Island Islands. A largest island among the islands around it. Sabang waters is a meeting of the Indian Ocean and the Straits of Malacca. With a beautiful coastline with soft white sand, and green trees and blue clean sea water, making this island as one of the best islands in Indonesia.

The beauty of the underwater Sabang is one of the main attractions for tourists who come to visit this beautiful island. By doing activities such as snorkeling and diving, we will be treated to an amazingly beautiful underwater landscape.

The city surrounded by the sea with beautiful beaches offers so much amazing natural charm. In addition to marine tourism we can also find several historical sites and small forests inhabited by various species of birds that live and breed well on this island.

The island that we often hear with a song from Sabang to Merauke, has now become a worldwide favorite tourist destination. Weh Island itself is surrounded by four other exotic islands, namely Klah, Rubiah, Seulako and Rondo islands. Of the four islands, Rubiah became an island famous for its diving activities, with the beauty of the underwater world such as coral reefs with diverse fish.

How to get to Sabang Ujung Barat Aceh

The journey to Sabang, we can go through the sea and air. Unfortunately flights by air are often constrained by unfavorable weather, so airlines often postpone even flight cancellations. If you want to try by air, you can see Garuda Indonesia flight schedules.

The main route to Sabang is by sea. Via Ulee Lheue Port (Aceh) to Balohan Port (Sabang). Visitors can use the fast ferry which takes 1 hour. Here are the tourist destinations that you can visit in Sabang Ujung Barat Aceh, which are charming.

Landmark I love Sabang

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Landmark I Love Sabang is a location in Taman Elak, where we can capture memorable photos to take pictures at this landmark. If you visit for tours in Sabang, don't forget to stop by this place.

Iboih Sabang Beach

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This beautiful beach is certainly no stranger to tourists, the beach at the northern tip of Pulau Weh is a must visit when you are on holiday here. There are a number of lodging facilities, ranging from economical to starred.

In this place there are facilities for rented snorkeling, coupled with the Rubiah Dive Center and food stalls that offer a diverse menu of delicious sea fish, making Iboih Beach the top choice for tourist trips in Sabang.

Zero Kilometer Monument

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A monument in Iboih, Sukakarya, Sabang City, Aceh. Has a height of 43.6 meters and is designed with four pillars that symbolize national boundaries.

The borders include Sabang to Merauke and Miangas to Rote Island. Then there is a large circle in the monument which signifies the analogy of the number 0.

The best time to come to this place is at dusk, where we can see the beautiful sunset. and in this place is the best spot in Indonesia to watch the sunset.

Then don't forget to get the Zero Kilometer certificate issued by the Sabang City Tourism Office, as a sign that you have visited this place.

Rubiah Underwater Park

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An Underwater Park on Rubiah Island. Flanked by two charming beaches, Teupin Layeu Beach and Iboih Beach. Underwater beauty that is enchanting and fairly natural. Similarly, the coast is equally beautiful.

The beauty of the Rubiah Marine Park is indeed no doubt. There are various types of tropical fish, coral reefs, giant clams, and other marine biota. The species that dominate are coral reefs (horns and soft corals) of various shapes, types and colors. In addition, there are also various types such as flag fish, blue botana, sergeant fish, grouper, major fish, bali princess fish, yellow fish, red head fish, and butterfly fish.

Anoi Itam Beach

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Anoi Itam Beach is the only beach in Sabang which has black sand. The blue sea water and the whirring of the beach breeze that hits the body presents its own exciting joy. The expanse of green trees and the view of Mount Seulawah that towered in mainland Aceh, made an exciting experience.

Japanese Bungker Fortress

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This fort is a legacy of the Japanese navy and among them are still standing strong today. Located not far from Anoi Itam Beach next to one of the hills. This place is also known as the City of Thousand Citadel.

During the period 1942-1945 Sabang became a large naval base. The Japanese built fortresses and bunkers around the coastline and the hills of Sabang to strengthen their defenses, such as in Ujung Kareung, Aneuk Laot, Bukit Sabang and along Kasih Beach.

Laot Waterfall

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The name laot man is derived from the name of the village where the waterfall is located, Male Laot Village. This waterfall has a pool measuring about 10 square meters with a depth of between 1 to 1.5 meters.

The height of the Male Laot Waterfall ranges only around 15 meters. With these heights, the Sabang tourist spill is not too heavy. Swimming leisurely while enjoying the cool air of the forest one thing that is worth a try.

During the trip to this waterfall, you have the opportunity to enjoy protected forests that are still beautiful. Some wild fauna can also be seen directly. The best time to come to this Sabang tourist spot is from June to August. Because in that month you can see a waterfall decorated by butterflies that just came out of their cocoons.



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