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Updated on Apr 12, 2019 Useful Info

How to get to Intramuros in Manila

The best way to get to Intramuros in my opinion is by taxi because it's the most convenient way to get around Manila and it's not that expensive, but you can also use public transportation options including LRT and Jeepneys

  • Getting to Intramuros by taxi: my recommendation is to use Grab instead of street taxi, because the fare is as cheap as taxi but much more transparent (Grab is like Uber of Southeast Asia). If you hail a taxi on the street, make sure they use the meter and make sure the meter is turned on before you get in the car. Taxi fare to Intramuros is about 120 pesos ($2.3 USD) from Makati, and it should be less than this amount from most other places in Manila
  • Getting to Intramuros by LRT: Manila's public transportation is not very developed or easy to use. If you're staying close to an LRT stop (see map here), you can take the LRT Green Line (line 1) to Central Terminal station, from there, walk south and west for 5 minutes to this spot (Google Maps coordinates 14.589932, 120.981006) next to the City Hall, where there's an underpass you can take to cross the street to Intramuros on the other side. Once you emerge from the other side of the underpass, walk north and west for another 5 minutes or so and you'll be at Intramuros

  • Getting to Intramuros by Jeepney: Jeepneys is the main form of public buses in Manila. They run on fixed routes but the routes are not published and very hard to know where they're going. However, they are very cheap and convenient because they are everywhere. My suggestion for using them is find a local and ask them which Jeepney to take to get to Intramuros, they will be able to tell you exactly which one to take. The fare to Intramuros from most of central Manila should not be more than 10-15 pesos (20-30 cents USD)

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