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Souvenirs To Collect While You Travel

User submitted photo of IrelandIf you want an effective way to remember your travels and adventures through the years, consider starting a collection you can continue adding to. The biggest challenge with this is figuring out what to collect and how to display your collection after you get home, but with a few unique ideas, you will be ready to get started. From thimbles and spoons to Butlers hot chocolate and more, keep reading to learn about some of the top souvenirs to collect as you visit different locations around the world.


Is your goal to create visual interest in your home with your souvenirs? In this case, consider maps of the areas you travel to. In some locations, it is even possible to find vintage maps to display. These are usually the more stylish option. Consider using the same type of frame for every map that you collect to bring the collection together.


Another simple collection to start is postcards. There are also several ways to display these. For example, consider clipping the postcards on strings or frame them and hang them on your wall. Try to find cards that have images that accurately represent the trips you take. It's smart to find more than one from each location you visit. This is an affordable and fun way to commemorate the different places you travel to.


Do you love hats? Do you wear them all the time? If so, why not make a collection of hats from all the locations you visit? As your collection gets bigger, look for unique ways to display your hats. Consider hanging them on the wall in your room, or group them together on a hat rack or shelf.


Another fun way to commemorate the places you visit is with patches. Find patches of monuments, national parks, and different countries and cities. Today, they make patches for virtually everything, including sports teams and other organizations. Once you have a good collection, consider applying them to your jacket or bag. This is a fun way to remember all the places you have visited over the years.


A few decades ago, most hotels, bars, and restaurants gave out matches to their patrons. While this isn't that common today, it can still be fun to collect match packs from your travels. Once you have enough, display the matches in an old bowl on the table or even in a dish in the guest bathroom. It's another fun way to remember where you have gone and what you have done.

Shot Glasses

Sometimes, a collection of shot glasses can look cheesy. However, if you still want to collect shot glasses, avoid this by putting plants in them. There are plenty of options, including fresh herbs, succulents, or air plants to fill the shot glasses. For a bit more aesthetic appeal, consider adding pebbles to add depth and interest to the shot glasses.


Choose a new piece of art from every new city that you visit. All your art can then be used to create a unique, one-of-a-kind collection. Mix things up a bit by choosing unique pieces, styles, and mediums from the places you visit. If you want something simpler, select art pieces such as all-line drawings or black-and-white photography. Create a gallery wall with the art you collect and revisit these places whenever you want.

When it comes to collecting fun and exciting souvenirs, there are more than a few things to consider. Keep the tips and information here in mind, which will help you decide what you want to collect. Once you have created your collection, it is possible to enjoy it and remember the fun you have had through the years and the places you have visited.

Just remember, this is your collection. It should be unique and reflect the things you loved about the places you visited. With this type of collection, you will be proud to show it off for years to come.