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Transportation Around and Out of Ireland

Transportation in and around Ireland is fairly comprehensive and easy to use. If you are in the bigger cities, it is likely possible to get away without needing a car. Most cities in Ireland are friendly to walkers and bikers in addition to having public transportation.

There are a few bus lines and train services that offer transportation between cities and around the country at an affordable price. For transportation out of the country, there are 5 international airports across Ireland and 10 total airports.

Taxis are also common around the cities. Uber and Lyft are heavily controlled in Ireland. So, when you order an Uber, you are actually ordering a taxi.

Dublin Public Transportation

Dublin is incredibly easy to explore either on foot or by public transport. It took me about 20 minutes by foot to get just about anywhere I wanted to go that was in or around the city center.

If you aren’t much of a walker, the DART is a quick and easy way to get around. It runs all the way out and along the coast, from Howth in northern Ireland down to County Wicklow.

You can buy tickets for Dublin’s public transportation at stations, on buses, or online. However, if you plan to use public transportation frequently, use Dublin’s “Leap Card.”

Drivers Licences in Ireland

If you have a driving license issued from an EU or EEA state it is recognized for use in Ireland, or you may exchange your driving license for an Irish license. If you come from a country not on the approved list you will need to go through the full driver licensing process.

If you have a license from the EU, EEA, UK, or a recognized state and you plan to stay in Ireland for less than a year and are NOT a resident living in Ireland, you will be fine driving with your foreign license. The same goes for those from other countries, so long as you also hold an international driving permit.

To rent a car in Ireland you must be at least 25 years old. Expats can buy a car in Ireland as well, but there will be extra fees involved. You will need to purchase car insurance, pay for road tax, and a roadworthy test called NCT.

For more information on living as an expat in Ireland, click here.