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Submitted on Jun 12, 2018 Useful Info

Tips for solo female travellers in Italy

In general cities in the North are less “dangerous” in the sense you may get harassed less as a single woman walking around. However I’m more inclined to say anywhere you’d be fine as long as you wear basic traveller instincts.

The more touristic destinations are easier to find travel buddy and are less likely to end up walking in dark alleyways alone.

Some tips:

  • Dress a bit more conservatively. It’s after all a quite religious country, also makes your church visits more smooth.
  • If you ever run into verbal harassment, just ignore them and walk away, do not engage.
  • If you ever run into physical danger, shout: AO-U-TOE (aiuto=help in Italian) as loud as you can.
  • Tuck away your belongings, always wear your backpacks in front of you- a lot of pick pockets in Italy. I would even use a lock
  • Always try to group up with travellers you meet, it’s just easier and more fun.


Melissa C

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On Jun 13, 2018

I would also add: Not to take the over-night train from Rome to Naples if you are a solo female traveller!!!! I did that once and with perhaps slight exaggeration I didn't think I was getting off alive.... Anyway it's the cheapest option from Rome to Naples, I forgot the cost, but even the police on the platforms warned me to hold on tight to my bags and do not fall asleep. So do that if you insist on saving some bucks....