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Travel vaccines you must get before visiting Jamaica

  • Check the vaccines and medicines from a qualified doctor, one month prior to the date of travel


  • Measles is a disease that you could get exposed to when in the Caribbean country. Most countries provide measles vaccines to children during immunization. However, it is advisable that before you leave for Jamaica that you get 1 shot of the vaccine.
  • Yellow fever vaccine - Yellow fever is a disease that causes yellowing of the skin and the hair. Only one shot of the vaccine is enough and prevents you from contracting the disease.
  • Influenza vaccine - Influenza is a contagious disease that is passed about through body fluids. In most countries, the virus is given occasionally however you can still get a shot to prevent contraction of the disease.

Avoid crowded and stuffy places. This also reduces the risk of exposure.

  • Mosquitoes can also cause various diseases such as malaria, Dengue virus and Chikungunya Virus which can pose serious health risks. Be sure to carry malaria medication and also prevent mosquito bites when in the country especially from dusk to dawn.
  • Sleep under treated mosquito nets.
  • There are also diseases from biting insects and ticks. Many of these diseases have no vaccination and therefore prevention is pivotal.
  • Ensure that you stay in accredited hotels.