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Where to exchange currency in Jamaica

  • The currency of choice in Jamaica is the Jamaican dollar. Most businesses related to tourists or in touristy areas such as Montego Bay, Ocho Rios, and Negril, and even tourist areas in remote parts of the island commonly accept US dollars. However, it's best to use Jamaican dollars while you're in remote parts of Jamaica, using US dollars in such areas will give you a bad rate. You're also most likely to get a better exchange rate in larger cities than small rural towns
  • Legally if you pay in US dollars the vendor is allowed to give back change in Jamaican dollars. In most cases, vendors set exchange rates that are to their advantage and a major rip off to tourists. If you'll be paying in US dollars carry small bills and pay as close to the exact amount as possible.

Best place to exchange currency in Jamaica

  • Generally, the best place to exchange currency in Jamaica is at Cambios ( forex bureaus). These are spread all over every major town in Jamaica. All cambios are regulated by the bank of Jamaica and have almost the same rates except cambios in airport halls. These are all officially listed Cambios and the Cambios you should stick to.
  • ATMs are second to cambios in offering good exchange rates in Jamaica. Most ATMs in Jamaica dispense only Jamaican dollars but ATMs close to major resort destinations and tourist attractions dispense US dollars only or both US and Jamaican dollars depending on what you specify.
  • Note: There are several ATMs in Kingston airport arrivals hall but in Montego bay, most ATMs are in the departures hall.
  • Visa and Mastercard are more popular but AmEx cards have also started being more accepted recently.