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Do not eat in public during the day during Ramadan even if you're not a Muslim

This is from first hand experience.

  • I was in Amman for a few days in June, which was during the Ramadan
  • I was pretty hungry and went to the mall to get some food. The McDonald's was open and since I was clearly not a Muslim I was able to buy food, no issues there
  • Being dumb, I started eating my burger right there in public
  • Then a security guard came over and yelled at me in Arabic. That's when I realized that I shouldn't have eaten my food there
  • Key takeaway is that while you can buy food during the day during Ramadan, don't eat it in public. It's disrespectful. Take it back to your hotel/hostel and have it in private
  • The days of Ramadan varies by year. Right now it's May but it gets earlier and earlier every year. Best look it up before you travel