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Compared to most of her neighbors, Jordan is more open to U.S citizens and has fewer entry requirements.

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  • For one to have a visa that will enable them to get into Jordan, one should:
  1. Have a valid passport (Excluding those with Yemen citizenship as an ID to them would suffice.)
  2. Know the approximately the days that will be spent in the country.
  3. Know the purpose of travel whether as a tour or in an official capacity as the types of visa for each vary.
  • A visa is required for Citizens of the United States.
  • A Jordanian pass is based on the number of nights spent. 70 Jordanian Dinar(JOD) for a single night stay.
  • A general visa ranges from 50-60 JOD.
  • A Jordanian pass can be applied for in the airport and once the details are forwarded via email, one can start using it instantly.
  • In case you are traveling as a group, a unified travel visa can be obtained which is cheaper.
  • Despite the fact that that the visa can be obtained on arrival, it is highly recommended that you apply for the visa while in the United States as this makes it easier and is more convenient.
  • Arrival visas can be obtained at airports such as Queen Alia International airport.
  • For people with citizenship of other countries such as Yemen and Saudi Arabia, it is not necessary to have a visa to enter Jordan
  • The charges of entering Jordan which is around JOD 30 are usually included in the airplane tickets.
  • However, those arriving in Jordan via car or boat will be required to pay this fee separately.
  • The payment method for the Visa and to get authentic travel documents can be done via Paypal or directly from the bank with Mastercard and Visa cards.
  • U.S citizens are strongly advised to register with the government's travel website prior to making their trip to enable them to receive all travel alerts regarding Jordan or any other country they plan on visiting.
  • For further details on entry requirements consult with the Jordanian embassy in Washington D.C.

With all this information, wouldn't you visit and enjoy the magic of Jordan?