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How to visit Jordan on a budget

  • Jordan has some of the most beautiful sites in the middle east but it's a country that's very expensive to visit compared to her neighbors. Here are my top tips on how to save money while visiting Jordan

Buy the Jordanian pass

  • The Jordan pass grants you entry to more than 40 sites in Jordan including Petra and Wadi Rum. The Jordan pass also covers tourist visa fees. There are three types of Jordan passes costing USD 70, 75, and 80. All these passes are similar in all aspects except the number of days you are allowed to visit Petra. Holders of the $70 pass visit Petra for a single day, $ 75 pass allows holders to enter Petra on 2 consecutive days while holders of $80 pass can enter Petra on 3 consecutive days.

Use public transport

  • For areas that are easily accessible by public transport such as Petra use public transport. For dead sea trips, public transport is a challenge but you can either share a taxi with other travellers or rent a car, it's still cheaper compared to booking a tour.

Don't book tours in Amman

  • Tour operators in Amman are very expensive, to save on money book tours from the smallest close town to the area you're visiting. For instance book tours to Wadi rum from Petra as opposed to Amman. Alternatively, use local tour guides, you don't have to book a tour to visit Petra, you can find local Bedouins in Petra who can take you around for a very small fee.

Shop in Aqaba

  • Aqaba is way cheaper compared to Amman since Aqaba is a special economic zone. Shopping in Aqaba is duty free, compared to Amman where there's a 16% tax on all goods.

Visit the dead sea as a day trip from Amman

  • There's no cheap accommodation in the area near the dead sea. This area is full of top end resorts. You'll find much more cheaper accommodation in Amman which is only 60km away.