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Getting around Kampala

  • Getting around can be quite a hustle if you do not know the public and private transport systems in and around the city.
  • However, once you know the transport systems, navigating the city then becomes a simple task.

Boda Boda.

  • These are the most common transport system in the city.
  • The name boda boda originates from the bicycles that were used in earlier days to transport people across the border of Uganda and western Kenya.
  • Back in the day, this was the most common way of crossing the border. However today, the boda boda in the city refers to motorcycle transport.
  • it is also the faster way to get to your destination as the riders prioritize speed over pretty much anything else.
  • This could at times put your safety in peril as they will jump in front of traffic and even pass through crowds of people.
  • The most common asking price for moving you across town is between UGX 3000 to 5000.


  • These are essentially minivans that transport people.
  • They are found at predetermined bus stages and follow a predetermined route.
  • Do not worry if you cannot find a matatu, just ask the conductor at the stage and they will point you to the matatu plying the route to your destination.
  • Once you arrive at your destination, you can simply shout sage and they will stop.
  • The price for most matatus is between UGX 3000 to 8000 depending on the distance to your destination.
  • Matatus are generally not comfortable. this is because some carry more passengers than they are allowed.
  • However, this practice is slowly dwindling.


  • These are of course private means of transport.
  • Now many of these taxis do not have a meter so you have to negotiate the price before boarding one.
  • The general price ranges between UGX 15000 to 20000.
  • Services such as Uber and Bolt are becoming increasingly common in the city too.