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How to get a prepaid sim card in Uganda

If you visit Uganda and happen to have a network selection issue, then don't panic. The following is a brief guideline which will help you choose your prepaid sim card in Uganda.

The main network service providers in Uganda

  • MTN
  • Smile -works on 4G only
  • UT mobile
  • Africell
  • Smart Telecom and,
  • Airtel Uganda

NOTE: 4G/LTE is offered by MTN, Africell and Smile in all the major cities in Uganda. UT Mobile and Smart Telecom work on 3G only.

  • Due to government interference in the telecommunication industry, there is still a lot of updates in the network service providers. So don't be surprised if you are required to re-register your sim card.

Where to buy your prepaid sim card in Uganda

  • Each network service provider has sales points country wide.
  • For MTN and Airtel Uganda, most sales points are in the cities of Kampala and Jinja.

Airtime recharge in Uganda

  • There has been a controversy on airtime recharge in Uganda between the use of scratch cards and digital recharge.
  • Eventually, both methods were accepted and therefore you can feel safe recharging your airtime using either way.

Social Media Tax.

  • Don't be surprised if you are charged more for using social media platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter and Instagram.
  • It's a move by the Ugandan parliament to exploit more tax.