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Things to do in Kampala

Owino market.

  • This is the biggest market in Kampala.
  • It has everything that you could possibly want to buy in the city that ranges from foodstuffs, clothes, accessories, and also electronics in a few stalls,
  • Do not worry about it because every boda boda person or taxi driver knows exactly where it is.
  • It is usually a crowded scene with a lot of pushing and shoving as people are trying to get through.
  • Do not be alarmed at the shouting and whistles in the market as these are the ways that sellers attract their customers.
  • The price in the market is usually a lot cheaper as compared to many other places in the city however if you are a foreigner, the traders try to take advantage of you.
  • Do not be afraid to haggle a bit about the price.
  • Nakasero market is also another interesting option for anyone as it is easily accessible from the town centre via road.
  • It is quite enjoyable to take a stroll to the market.

Souvenir markets.

  • There are a couple of markets that offer souvenirs to anyone and this is their specialty.
  • The crafts market on Buganda road and the crafts market behind the national theatre are just but an example.
  • They offer a wide range of goods from necklaces, bangles, earrings that show the African culture.
  • You can also ask for handmade designs such as sculptures made from soap stone and also wood carvings which are gorgeous to look at.
  • The markets also sell paintings and there is usually a wide variety to pick from.
  • You can also buy sets from some of the communities such as the maasai traditional cloth and their traditional necklaces.
  • All these are sold at a fair and cheap price.