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Why Traveling Strengthens Your Relationship

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When it comes to a happy marriage, traveling together is one of the best ways to keep that relationship strong. Whether you are exploring historical castles, kayaking endless waters, or grabbing a pampering massage, vacations are fun and exciting experiences. Who better to share them with than the person you love the most in the world?

Couples who travel together broaden their horizons, minds, and learn how to grow together. Check out these five tips on traveling with your significant other and how to use your vacation time for quality bonding time!

1. Spending Quality Time Together

Couples need quality time, not only to stay connected in their relationships but also as a source of communication. Time spent away from distractions like work and friends or family can provide this personal time that is necessary for emotional connection. This is great for you and your significant other since according to this couples therapy website, quality time promotes stable marriages. It also improves communication, which has a positive effect on your commitment levels. It improves communication as well.

2. Getting to Know Each Other Completely

When you get married, an important vow is to stay together for better or worse. That’s good news when it comes to vacation because while you travel together, you'll see every side of your partner imaginable-- sick, jet-lagged, grumpy, tired, experimental, and adventurous! When two people are truly committed and in love, their bond is strengthened through travel. The best things about vacations with your loved one only strengthen the relationship.

3. Share Wonderful Memories for Years to Come

One major advantage to traveling as a couple is that you are creating memories that will last your lifetime. No matter what happens in your life, you can always look back and say, “Remember when….”. Sharing memories together creates a lifelong bond. Traveling will bring you back together even 5 or 10 years from now because you'll be able to sit back, look at your photos, think back on crazy things that happened, and laugh and smile about everything together.

4. Getting away from your everyday routine with a vacation can allow you to take a break

The stressors of everyday life can negatively impact the quality and healthiness of a marriage. Make time for your spouse. You may be busy with work and other obligations, but remember to also make some extra time for your significant other. Taking the time to travel together can take that single-minded focus off of all the things you do every day and put it back on yourself, them, and most importantly; this relationship. Put away and limit your phone usage, be present in the moment, take some time for yourself which will make you a more pleasant person. A happy spouse is always good to have!

5. Traveling with your spouse teaches you a lot about each other, but imagine what you learn of yourselves as well.

Being out of your comfort zone and trying new things brings to light the best traits you didn’t know you had. Seeing different sides of your significant other makes it possible to both fall in love all over again! Learning new things about yourself and each other will strengthen your bond more than you realize.

I hope that these tips were able to help you see how travelling together can help your marriage through communication, the ability to experience new things as a unit, reliance on one another when in uncomfortable or new situations, and more. This can help strengthen your marriage and create memories that will last a lifetime. Take your vacation in stride and don't let yourself become overwhelmed by planning and fear of the unknown. You can build your marriage up and create a strong foundation that will last many years into the future.