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Riding A Bike To See The T-Rex Bay At Nusa Penida

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  • Limited accomodations here, didn't see much facilities around the island, just farms and local homes.
  • Day trippers: remember to be back at the dock before sundown to catch the last boats back to Bali mainland/the other Nusa islands.
  • When you arrive at Crystal Bay by speedboat, you can either rent a motorbike or hire a driver with car.
  • Motorbike should be for highly experienced riders only. The roads are mostly gravel with short stretches of tarmac at random intervals. The motorbike rentals also don't come with helmets (most people rode at 40km/h anyway).
  • On motorbike, depending on your skill, it will take you about 2-3 hours to ride south from Crystal Bay to Kelingking Beach. (It was raining when I went on bike so it took me 3 hours)
  • If you are considering motorbike, plan ahead how many attractions you would like to see, then see if you can fit that in a day trip by motorbike (estimate ~1hour for travel from each attraction to the next).
  • If you opt for car rental, it will take you ~1 hour to reach T-Rex according to the local tour guides. They will also drive you to the other attractions such as Atuh Beach, Peguyangan Waterfall, Angel's Billabong.
  • Cellular reception is poor and you will lose connection while riding. Download an offline map on your phone and keep a battery pack handy for navigation.