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How to get the best view points of the Great rift valley in Kenya

GRV cool facts

  • The great rift valley runs from The Middle East (Jordan) to Mozambique in Southern Africa. It is the largest Valley in the world covering a distance of approx 6000km.
  • In Kenya, this valley runs from Turkana in the northwest to kajiado and the Mara in the southwest, there are several points you from which you can view the GRV in Kenya, I'm going to give you some of the best points.

Subukia viewpoint.

  • This viewpoint is just along the road as you drive from Nairobi to western Kenya, it's around 2 hours drive from Nairobi. You just park your vehicle on the roadside and alight. This area is open and free for everyone, photography is allowed.

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Iten viewpoint and elgeyo escarpment.

  • These two viewpoints are easily accessible by local minibusses from Eldoret town in the north rift. Iten viewpoint is along the way from Eldoret-Iten, to get to elgeyo escarpment you first have to get to iten then take a taxi or motorbike to the escarpment.

View from iten viewpoint

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View from Elgeyo escarpment

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Loita hills

  • This viewpoint is within the Maasai mara game reserve. You can also see mount Kilimanjaro from here on a clear day.

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