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How to visit Ndere island national park( Lake Victoria)

  • Ndere Island is one of the islands on Lake Victoria that was declared a national park. Lake Victoria is in Western Kenya about 350 kilometers from Nairobi.

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How to get to Ndere Island

  • From Nairobi, you first head to Kisumu, Kenya's 3rd largest city, there are several flights and buses that leave Nairobi every day to Kisumu. By road, it will take you approximately 6 hours to get to Kisumu at the cost of about $15 for a business class bus seat. By flight, it will take you 45 minutes with flight prices ranging from $50 to $100 based on existing demand.
  • Once in Kisumu, you'll take a taxi to Bao beach which is 12km away. From Bao beach, you'll cross the short stretch to Ndere island by a motorboat ( ride takes 40 minutes)
  • Alternatively, you can also take a boat directly from Kisumu city to Ndere island, the boat ride takes 45 minutes.

Park Activities and attractions.

  • The park is famous for having over 100 species of birds (bird watching), hiking and the beautiful scenic views of Kampala, Mageta islands and Homa hills.
  • It's also home to several lakeshore inhabitants including
  1. The Nile crocodile
  2. The rare Sitatunga antelope, monkeys, baboons and impalas
  3. Hippopotamus
  4. Various fish and snake species.

Park entry fees

  • Park entry fees are:
  • For citizens: Ksh 600 (US$ 6.00) for adults and Ksh 350 (US$ 3.50) for children.
  • For non-citizens, adults pay US$ 25 and children US$15.