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Shopping in Kenya

When shopping in Kenya as a tourist keep this in mind:

  • The only currency accepted by local traders countrywide is the Kenyan shilling( Ksh).
  • Other forms of currency need to be first converted to Ksh.
  • Only do money exchange at airports, banks, and government forex bureaus. Avoid forex brokers located at markets and other crowded places as they're most likely to give fake money or steal from you!
  • Always negotiate with traders before making a purchase as they tend to take advantage of tourists' ignorance to overcharge them.
  • Compare prices of items from different traders to ensure you get a good deal.
  • Be on high alert when at markets as pickpockets are always waiting for ignorant tourists to rob from.
  • Most large-scale traders accept payment by credit and debit cards. Ensure your card works while overseas before making a trip to the market or malls.
  • It might be difficult to communicate effectively with a trader if you don't know Swahili hence carry a friend or a guide who knows Swahili along with you on your shopping trip.

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Happy shopping!