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Stay safe ladies!

Generally, Kenya is a pretty safe country and women are respected a lot but there are a few vital tips all ladies need to be aware of before making a trip to Kenya.

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Health concerns

  1. Personal hygiene
  • It's important to carry sunscreen as it could get very hot especially at the lake basin and coastal regions.
  • Carry along your skincare and hair products, however, most supermarkets are stocked with international brands hence no need to worry if you forget to do so.
  • Most hotels provide toiletries to their guests but always carry your own kit.

2.General healthcare

  • Malaria is endemic especially at the coast and lake basins regions so have some antimalarial tabs with you when moving to those parts of the country.
  • In case of any medical issue, doctors are available in all medical facilities across the country.

Street delicacies

  • Most street vendors try to mind hygiene when preparing their tasty treats but always be on high alert ladies when purchasing food on the streets.
  • If the hygiene or behavior of the vendor is questionable you better not risk purchasing food from such vendors.


  • Public transport minibusses, that ply most routes across the country, are generally safe but always be on high alert ladies for pickpockets.
  • For those who prefer riding solo, it's safer to get an uber rather than unlisted taxis spread throughout most towns in the country.
  • Avoid movement at late night hours and should you have to move to out for an uber rather than a public bus.
  • Find a designated driver who'll ferry you to the places you want to visit. Most hotels offer such arrangements.
  • When traveling as a group you can get a tour minibus for convenience. Check to ensure the tour company you're working with is certified.


  1. Jewelry
  • Avoid wearing expensive jewelry when walking around cities. Expensive pieces are easily noticed and may attract thieves.
  • Purchase jewels from authorized dealers, that way you're assured you'll get value for your money.


  • Very essential devices to bring along when traveling. Carry a power source and an internet connection source as some parts of Kenya are very remote and getting power for your device and internet can be a challenge if no proper arrangements had been made.
  • ALWAYS be on high alert when moving around with your devices in major cities such as Nairobi and Mombasa. You never know when some certain people plan to take your device to their homes that day!


  • The locals here are quite conservative when it comes to dressing. So unless you're at the beach lets keep the short shorts away, that way you avoid any clash with the locals.
  • Due to the relatively high temperatures in most parts of the country, carry clothes made of light and skin-friendly fabrics such as cotton or chiffon.
  • Some parts of Kenya are extremely hot while in other areas you could freeze. When planning to stay in central Kenya and the rift valley regions bring along those jackets, scarfs, and blankets.


This is the most crucial part of your travel as most of your time will be spent in your room. Moreover, most of your items will always be in your room.

  • Research about the hotel or home you'll be staying at. Make sure it's located in a safe and peaceful neighborhood, we don't want to be woken up in the middle of naps by a running industrial machine or thieves breaking in.
  • As much as your hotel door will have a lock always lock your bags for extra security.

Let common sense prevail

  • Never shy away from asking for help when you discover you're lost. Most locals are kind and helpful and many are times they'll help you find your way around.
  • Don't travel to areas where the government has issued travel advisories against. Avoid the Kenya -Somalia border due to the ongoing clashes between the Kenyan army and militia groups. The other parts of the country are generally safe.
  • Avoid large crowds as pickpockets mostly hide within the crowds waiting to take advantage of a distracted fellow.

In conclusion, Kenya is a beautiful destination that every lady should not shy away from visiting.Just keep the tips above in mind and most importantly use your common sense and you'll definitely have a smooth trip. Remember help is always around the corner from the kind locals and the authorities. Travel safe, stay safe ladies!


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Better safe than sorry ladies I think my dear adventurous ladies must have this article as their number one item...

Marcus Augustus

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The piece is worth it. Very very very helpful as fact...I really enjoyed every bit of it

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I like everything about these article.Its just absolutely real about the late Kenyan situation.

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