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What to do in Hell's gate national park.


Hell's gate national park offers a hiking trail that allows you to enjoy the landscape that has been sculptured by the great rift valley together with the volcanic activities in the area. During hiking, you can easily see the hot water springs and also the gorges around. The scenery is beautiful to behold and the twisting path offers more often than not a thrilling adventure to be a part of. Hiking equipment are also important as you could be exposed to climbing and jumping and hence to take care of your health and safety, the gears are required.

Animal and bird watching.

The park is also home to 170 bird species and also several animal species. These animals are not so hard to observe as they are free within the national park. Some of the animals include zebras and giraffes and also some birds such as vultures. All these animals make the ecosystem of the national park thrive and even without their input in nature, they are a very wonderful sight to behold. A tour guide is usually provided once you register and you can ask as many questions as possible. However, disturbing the animals is strictly not allowed.


The national park contains a cultural centre that gives more information on the maasai culture. The maasai people are the predominant inhabitants of the are where the national park is located. These people are nomadic pastoralists by tradition and have even learnt to coexist with the wild animals. The guides at the cultural centre are more often locals and can even show you a few of the tricks the locals use such as the famous maasai one leg stance. They claim the lions in the area fear this stance and once they perfect it, they cannot be attacked.