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Thousand Islands magic of Indonesia

The Thousand Islands are located north of Jakarta city. Thousand Islands has their name because there are more than 130 islands in the cluster.

Only less than a third is inhabited.

  • Peaceful and serene environment makes it a perfect getaway from city noise.

Some islands already have become a major tourist destination. While most of the people of the Thousand Islands still work as fishermen.

There are many resorts built so that guests can enjoy the natural charm of the Thousand Islands such as beaches, underwater beauty, island hopping and sunrise – sunset.

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Every island is different and you can choose the one that fits your desired adventure spirit.

  • Putri Island is one of the islands that has a hotel resort at which you can visit a small water park. The park contains an outdoor aquarium and a glass tunnel inside, which creates an amazing view.
  • Sepa Island is for the nature lovers, and it has long stretches of flat beach and white sands. The calm waters off the coast make this an excellent place for snorkeling, while sun lovers can enjoy sunbathing.
  • Rambut Island is the place if you want to see birds in their natural environment, you’ll find this island is the perfect place to go nature watching.

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  • Tidung Island

Tidung Besar is the main tourist destination.

Tidung Island consists of two parts, namely Tidung Kecil Island and Tidung Besar Island. Tidung Kecil is a place of mangrove cultivation.

You can rent a bike to explore the islands 109 hectares. The beach here has white sand, clear, calm water. It is also a wonderful place for underwater snorkeling or diving. Tidung Besar and Tidung Kecil are connected by the Love Bridge. The legend says that anyone who passes through the bridge will have an enduring love story.

On this island, there are many bars and restaurants.

  • Pramuka Island

Pramuka Island is well-known for its educational tourism. You can see turtle breeding, shark breeding, and also do mangrove planting.

The beauty of the underwater will fascinate anyone who will try snorkel here. Do not miss to taste the boneless milkfish that become popular on Pramuka Island.

Pramuka Island has complete facilities for tourists such as diving rentals, kayak rentals, boat rentals, bars, hotels, and restaurants.

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  • Ayer Island

Ayer Island is famous for its floating cottages. Tourists can stay there and feel the fresh ocean breeze while laying in the hammock.

You do not have to worry about the heat either as all the bungalows are equipped with air conditioning.

The surroundings of Ayer Island can be enjoyed by walking or cycling under the shady trees. There is also a fishing pier, swimming pool, basketball court, beach volley court, and a beachside restaurant.

There are no residents on this island, only tourists and bungalow employees.

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  • Pulau Onrust

Taking a day trip in Pulau Onrust means bringing many fascinating pages on a history book about Jakarta to life.

You can’t stay on the island, although, it is home to archaeological remains from the Dutch colonial days. It is perfect for when you want to have a break from anything touristy and enjoy the different tone of the town.

  • Pulau Harapan

If you want to island hop the Thousand Islands, Pulau Harapan is great, a cheap place to have as your base. Once you’ve set up, you can easily catch the boats to nearby uninhabited lands like Pulau Kayu Angin Bira, Pulau Ayu Angin Genteng and Pulau Bulat – all reached with a short boat ride.

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  • Pulau Macan

Also known as Tiger Island attracts honeymooners and eco-tourism lovers, famous for its romantic cabins. The huts are built in natural technique, so that you may actually feel as if you are on an isolated and private island away from civilization.

Some of the bungalows are placed to let the guests catch the best sunset scene.

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How to get there

When you have chosen your island just head down to Marina Ancol in Jakarta and search for your boat.

  • Highly possible that you will need to change boats on one of the closest islands before reaching your destination.

The ride is cheap and will take from 20min to 2h depending on your chosen island.