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Submitted on Mar 29, 2020 Useful Info

How to access the internet in Rwanda

  • Internet access is widely accessible in Rwanda especially in major cities such as Kigali, Byumba, Kibungo, Gitarama, Butare, Ruhengeri, Kibuye, Cyangugu, Gisenyi, Muhanga, Kicukiro and Rutongo.
  • There are several ways to access the internet in Rwanda;
  1. Through access to a WiFi connection
  2. Accessing the local cyber cafes
  3. By buying data using your local sim card.

WiFi connection

  • You can either buy a WiFi router from any local shop in the major cities and towns or access a secure WiFi connection in high end restaurants, coffee shops, Cafés, malls, large supermarkets, mid-range and high end hotels , few local ecolodges, and bars.
  • The WiFi password is usually provided at the reception or the WiFi is sometimes password free( Open WiFi)
  • NOTE: while accessing this password free WiFi, make sure your internet connection is safe by activating any VPN or Kaspersky depending on your preference.
  • This provided WiFi often unreliable as the speeds are slow and sometimes the connection is interfered with for no reason.
  • I'd recommend purchasing WiFi routers from any MTN shops countrywide or better yet purchase a modem


  • In Kigali, I'd recommend using MTN USB modems or Tigo Modems.
  • The speeds are however slower and except about 10-30Kb/s speeds.
  • The "EGG" WiBro in Kigali
  • WiBro simply means Wireless Broadband, an alternative for USB modems.

How to access the EGG in Broadband System Corporation (BSC) internet offerings

  • Visit the BSC offices and pay Rwf 72000 and a deposit of Rwf 30000.
  • For monthly unlimited data subscription, you'll be required to pay Rwf 30000.
  • With this, you will accept an improved 100Kb/s speeds.


  • MTN offers the best internet deals and has a wide coverage.

Cyber Cafes

  • There are many cyber cafes in Rwanda's CBD offering affordable internet access solutions.