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How to get in to Kingston center from airport

  • Kingston's Norman Manley International Airport is located 30minutes away from Kingston. The only way to move from the airport to the city center is by either bus or taxi.
  • While you can take a taxi from the airport, I opted for the bus. Two main bus companies serve the airport.
  1. JUTC
  2. Knutsford Express
  • JUTC is the government-run by bus service. These municipal buses are all colored yellow. Knutsford express is a private luxury bus service. JUTC buses are obviously cheaper compared to Knutsford express but Knutsford buses are more luxurious and comfortable.
  • Bus fare from the airport to Kingston on JUTC buses is J$ 120 while on Knutsford express bus fare is J$1300. The difference seems much but J$1300 is only just about US$10.
  • I wouldn't recommend taking JUTC buses if you're new in Kingston. While the buses ain't bad petty theft and pickpocketing around the terminal is relatively common. I took a Knutsford express bus from the airport to their terminal in the city center (I was connecting to Montego Bay on a second bus).
  • Airport bus service runs from 5.30 am to 11 pm.

Taking a taxi from The Airport To Kingston

  • Uber in Jamaica has had many unresolved issues and is not reliable. One of the most popular taxi-hailing apps in Jamaica is ride Jamaica. Ride Jamaica is available at Kingston airport. Alternatively, you can take a route taxi or chartered taxi which are right outside the arrivals halls.
  • Route taxis follow a specific route and carry maximum capacity passengers, with a chartered taxi you're the only passenger and it drops you off wherever you want.
  • You can easily differentiate between route taxis and chartered taxis. Route taxis have red number plates. Chartered taxis are also more expensive. Any taxi that will charge you above $10 from the airport to Kingston is most likely chartered.

These are route taxis

User submitted photo of Kingston