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How to visit the Bob Marley museum in Kingston

  • Bob Marley museum located along 56 Hope Road in Kingston, Jamaica is a must-visit site for most tourists while in Jamaica. Hope Road runs right through the center of Kingston making the museum easily accessible. It's only about 30 minutes from Kingston's downtown railway station. If you're taking the bus take bus 75 or 76, they stop close by the museum. The Museum is Bob's old house and his recording studio. There are three types of tours to take in the museum:
  1. Home tour
  2. Studio tour
  3. Combo tour- Both home and studio tours
  • The home tour costs $25, the studio tour $20 while the combo tour costs $40.
  • The home tour takes 1 hour 15 minutes while the studio tour takes an hour. Studio tours take place at Tuff Gong studios and not the main museum. Combo tours start at the museum and end at Tuff Gong studios along 220 Marcus Garvey drive.
  • Note: Entrance fees do not include transportation from Bob Marley museum to Tuff Gong studios for people who've paid for combo tours. You have to cater for your transportation. There's no Uber in Jamaica but you'll easily find a taxi on the street outside the museum or you can the ticket office to get a taxi for you.
  • There's no need to book a tour via tour agencies, the museum provides guides to take you through the museum.

Operating Times

  • The Bob Marley museum is open from Monday- Saturday from 9.30 am to 4.00 pm. Tours are available after every half an hour.
  • Normally, it's not necessary to make reservations, once you check-in, you'll join the next available tour. If you're visiting on Saturday or during peak seasons, however, I'd advise you make reservations since the museum tends to get crowded on these days.