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Full Moon Party shenanigans on Ko Pha Ngan

  • I first heard about the full moon party in 2010 after my friends from university who studied abroad in Singapore visited it
  • I finally went last week (Sept 24th) with two friends just to check it off my list
  • Full Moon Party overview:
  • Apparently started in the mid 80s by tourists, happens every month on the date of the full moon. Now it's one of the most famous things to do in Thailand
  • The entire party is filled with 20-35 y.o. tourists, mostly from North America, Australia, and Western Europe. Each party is attended by around ~30,000 tourists. I'd guess it's about 70% dudes and 30% girls
  • There's nothing "Thai" about the party. The entire thing was started and popularized by backpacking tourists
  • The best way I can describe it is a massive open air nightclub on the beach (basically Khao San Road on the beach)
  • Dates:
  • Happens once a month on full moon nights
  • Use this site to check out the dates
  • Logistics

User submitted photo of Ko Pha Ngan

  • The Full Moon Party takes place on the Haad Rin Beach on the southern-most tip of the Ko Pha Ngan island. This is THE party (parties anywhere else are just copy cats)
  • I wrote about how to get to the Ko Pha Ngan island here. Basically we flew to Ko Samui and took a ferry to Ko Pha Ngan (ferry is the only way to get to this island)
  • There are lots of dirt cheap hotels, guest houses and Airbnbs around the Haad Rin Beach (like $20-30 a night), but they're mostly pretty terrible (but conveniently located)
  • I recommend staying far, far, far away from Haad Rin Beach. We got an Airbnb around here, on the northern part of the island. This part of the island was much more upscale, relaxed, quiet, with great Italian/French restaurants (run by actual Italian and French expats), and not filled with drunk rowdy backpackers. We got a 3-bedroom beach house on Airbnb for $130 a night
  • Don't worry about getting to the party even if you stay far away. There were TONS of Songthaews (shared taxis) zooming around the entire island on the night of the party, running well past midnight. Read more about getting around the island. From where we were to the Haad Rin Beach cost around 250 baht per person on the Songthaew and took about 30 min ride
  • What time to go:
  • The party gets really busy starting around 11pm
  • Apparently it goes all night. We left around 3am
  • Tickets to the party:
  • No need to buy any tickets in advance. We thought we had to but found out eventually that it's completely unnecessary
  • Ticket is 100 baht per person (CASH ONLY), you buy it from the booth set up at the entrance of the beach
  • We were dropped off by our Songthaew about 3-min walk away from the ticket booth. Just follow the crowd once you get there. It's so easy to find you can't miss it
  • What to bring to the party:
  • Cash (but don't bring your wallet) for tickets, alcohol, and transportation. I spent about 2000 baht in total that night
  • Wear something you don't mind getting wet, the whole thing is on a beach after all
  • Wear flip flops
  • What not to bring to the party:
  • Passport. You'll probably lose it
  • Anything of value. You'll probably lose them
  • If you plan to do drugs:
  • We didn't do any drugs, but we were told that it's very common for people to do them at the party
  • The advice we got was to only get drugs from white people if we plan to do them
  • If you get it from locals you'll likely get cheap quality / dangerous stuff, and you might get tangled up in some shady stuff
  • Other tips:
  • Everyone just pees into the ocean on the beach, which is kind of disgusting if you think about it. I'd hate to be on that beach the days after the party
  • Our Airbnb host told us the day after the party that apparently some tourist got shot and killed at a bar that night. I don't know what the situation was but be careful. Apparently this is a regular occurrence. Honestly avoid drugs if you can

Ferry from Ko Samui to Ko Pha Ngan

User submitted photo of Ko Pha Ngan

User submitted photo of Ko Pha Ngan

Full Moon Party - you buy these buckets of alcohol, each was sold for 150 baht-200 baht, depending on how well we negotiated

User submitted photo of Ko Pha Ngan

User submitted photo of Ko Pha Ngan

Recovering from the party the day after on our beach house

User submitted photo of Ko Pha NganUser submitted photo of Ko Pha Ngan