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How To Book A Phi Phi Island Boat Tour


  • Should You Book a Phi Phi Island Tour From Phuket or Koh Phi Phi?
  • Phi Phi Islands are in close proximity to Phuket, and a day trip from Phuket is possible. However the journey from Phuket - Koh Phi Phi can take up to two hours each way! So be prepared to spend a lot of the day travelling.
  • If your schedule allows for it, it's much better to stay overnight on Phi Phi Islands. You'll be less pushed for time, you'll be able to catch the sunset, check out the nightlife and hike to the viewpoint as well as taking an awesome Phi Phi Island Tour.
  • Riding a traditional Thai Longtail Boat is one of the most authentic experiences in Thailand. But the only way to take a longtail boat tour is to leave from Phi Phi Don. When taking a tour from Phuket, the only choices will be to ride on the speedboat.

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  • Some tour companies, like, Five Star Thailand Tours. Offer boat tours leaving from Phuket and from Koh Phi Phi. Other tour companies offer packages exclusive to a single destination. Such as Simba Sea Trips, who operate speedboat tours - but leave only from Phuket.
  • It's best to do some research online before settling on a tour company to book with. Some operators have great reviews, some have mixed reviews and others are down-right awful.
  • Tours can be booked online, usually, you'd need to book around 1 - 2 days in advance to secure a spot on a tour boat.
  • Typically, the more a ticket for a boat tour costs. The fewer people you'll find yourself sharing a boat with.
  • For travellers with groups over > 4 people. It can often work out much cheaper to charter a private speedboat or long-tail boat to yourselves.

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  • The best time to take a Phi Phi Island tour is throughout the peak season months, typically from November through until April.
  • The Andaman Sea can be notoriously rough on the passage from Phuket to Koh Phi Phi during out of season months. During peak season the crossing is smooth and pleasant.
  • Boat tours do still run during the out-of-season months, but there is a higher chance of a tour being cancelled due to rough seas or bad weather conditions.
  • If you are travelling during the off-season, it is best to travel to Koh Phi Phi on the ferry and book onto an island tour once you arrive.


Phi Phi Islands are relatively small. All the spots you can visit are in close proximity of each other. Here are the best spots to visit on a Phi Phi Island Boat Tour

  • Monkey Beach

The monkey beach is on Koh Phi Phi Don Island, the biggest and only inhabited island. If you're lucky, you might see a monkey in the town, on the odd occasion. If not, you'll need to book onto a Phi Phi Island Boat Tour - there is a small beach exposed at low tides. And you'll see the wild Marquee Monkeys running free on the sand, and up in the cliffs. But leave you lunch on the boat; the Monkeys will try and deceive you into handing over your chicken fried rice!

  • Viking Cave

The Viking Cave is a historical site on Phi Phi Leh Island. Magnificent ancient paintings are drawn on the cave walls. And local harvest birds nests from inside the cave. Rumoured to fetch a high price at market - sold as a delicacies and exported to China.

  • Pilleh Lagoon

Located in the Phi Phi Leh National Park; the Pilleh Lagoon is rated as one of the number one snorkelling sites in South East Asia. The limestone cliffs towering all around offer complete tranquillity. With the beautiful corals, stunning marine life and clear emerald water. It's defiantly not one to missed out.

  • Bamboo Island

Bamboo Island or 'Koh Pie' as it's known locally - this is the only island in Koh Phi Phi which is completely flat. There is a perfect white sand beach covering the entire perimeter of the island. However, visiting this stunning tropical island comes with a catch. All visitors are required to pay 400 Baht to enter the island!

  • Shark Point

You'll find native Black Tip Reef Sharks hanging out in the waters which surround Koh Phi Phi. These gentle creatures don't pose a threat to snorkelers are amazing to see beneath the surface.

Taking a tour early in the morning, such as the sunrise tour will provide the best chances to spot Reef Sharks.

  • Long Beach

Long Beach is the perfect spot to visit, if you need to top up on your tan, or if you fancy a lazy day by the beach. It's within walking distance of the town, taking around 45 minutes to walk to. It's also great for snorkelling, if you have some time to stop here on a Phi Phi Island Boat Tour.

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So there you have it, everything you'd need to know about booking a Phi Phi Island Boat Tour!