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Best way to get to Kuala Lumpur from Singapore

  • You can travel between Kuala Lumpur and Singapore by bus or flight. If budget is not an issue for you, flying is the best way to travel as it's much quicker than bus and less hassle
  • Flight from Singapore to KL:
  • Flight fare is $60-$70USD for both one-way and return
  • Flight time is only 1 hour, total travel time is 2.5-4 hours
  • Jetstar usually have the cheapest fares, but AirAsia, Scoot, Lion, Singapore Airlines, Malaysia Airlines all have direct flights
  • How to bus between Singapore and Kuala Lumpur:
  • Very popular way for many locals to travel. There are probably over 50 buses running everyday between 8am and midnight
  • Bus takes 5.5-6.5 hours to travel, and 7-9 hours total travel time
  • Bus fare is around $15-$20USD
  • The hassle with taking the bus is the border clearance. Coming from Singapore, you will need to first get off the bus on the Singapore side to exit the country. Once you clear, you board the bus again and it will depart after everyone has been cleared. Then the bus will drive across the bridge to Malaysian side, where you need to get off again to enter Malaysia (and this time you need to take your luggage out too)
  • Best place to find and book the buses is 12Go (