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All you need to know about luggage storage in Lagos

Many are times you travel for businesses or pleasures when you find out that possession of luggage is a major problem.

If you ever visited Lagos and found yourself with baggage worries, then the following brief will help you find a solution to your problem.

Short term luggage storage in Lagos

  • In Lagos, there are service providers that allow you to leave your baggage and other personal belongings without any worries.
  • You'll only be required to book your luggage sport online in just 3 steps.

Services offered include

  • Storage of extra bags, say during business meetings.
  • Storage space for daily gears
  • Storage space for daily utility items
  • Space to leave your work equipment

Left Luggage Options in Lagos

  • The following are some storage options available in the city that I recommend you utilize.
  • You'll only be required to make a call to the storage centers service providers beforehand and make sure you check the prices.

Left Luggage at Transit Stops

Left Luggage at Museums

  • To fully enjoy the artistic, historic and cultural insights, many museums in Lagos provide luggage storage services to make your tour free of any luggage burdens.

Some of the museums offering this service include:

  • Badagry Slave Museum and Black History Museum
  • Nike Center for Art and Culture

NOTE 1: ALWAYS make a call beforehand and check for the availability of storage space and to compare prices.

NOTE 2: Lagos International Airport and Lagos Station DO NOT offer any storage services whatsoever.

Left Luggage at Hotels and Residences

  • Leaving your luggage at your hotel rooms is the safest and most convenient way to store your luggage.
  • Most hotels in the city offer short term luggage storage services to their customers.
  • Upon making reservations, you are assured of a spot to store your luggage but tipping the staff is a plus guarantee.