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Best things to do in Legazpi city

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Legazpi city is an important city of 196,639 people and the largest city of Bicol region, regarded as the most business friendly city in the Phillippines, Legazpi city is an ideal touristic destination. It is also a regional center for education, finance, health and transportation.

As a foreign tourist, i had the privilege to drop by this city recently and i can advise you some nice things to do and beautiful places to visit.


Mayon Volcano National Park

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Mount Mayon is an active volcan, as you can find many other across Phillipines, it is an idylic place to have a rest and to discover wild nature.

Daraga church

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Built in 1773, this majestic church has a significant importance for local believers and is declared as a national cultural treasure of the Phillipines by Authorities.

Albay Park and Wildlife

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This place is perfect for families and kids to have an unforgettable day, it shows over 300 animals and you have the possibility to sail on the lagoon.

Magayong festivalUser submitted photo of Legazpi City

This is a yearly celebration derived from the legend of the Mayon Volcano to honor the province's beauty.

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