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Submitted on Jun 28, 2019 Useful Info

How to buy tickets for Leipzig's metro/subway

  • Leipzig has a small but useful metro system that can get you to various parts of the city from its train station
  • Most of the stations are not staffed, but they all have automated ticketing machines you can use to get your ticket
  • The ticketing machine is in English, but its screen is a bit confusing and it took me a while to figure out how to use it
  • This is the main screen of the ticketing machine:User submitted photo of Leipzig
  • On this screen, you need to first click the red circled area (labeled MDV with the red and blue logo). MDV is the company that runs the public transportation system in Leipzig and several other nearby cities
  • On this screen, do not click on "To" and start typing your destination. That's for regional train run by Deutsche Bahn rather than metro trains run by MDV. You won't find your station there
  • Once you've clicked on the red circled area, then the rest is pretty straightforward. You just need to select how many "zones" you want to buy your ticket for, then you can pay by cash or credit card (visa or mastercard)
  • Use MDV's app called easy.GO (Android, iOS) to figure out how many zones your origin and destination stations are. MDV's website is not very helpful
  • I recommend using Google Maps to help you figure out how to get to your final destination with the "public transportation" option selected. This will tell you which stations you need to get on and off. Once you know the station names, then use easy.GO app to figure out how many zones that is
  • A single ticket good for any number of connections on any mode of public transportation vehicle (train, bus, tram) within the zones you paid for. So don't need to buy another single ticket when you connect

  • After you get your ticket, you need to get it stamped. Find this machine on the platform, insert your ticket into the slot below the green light area, and it will automatically stamp your ticket:User submitted photo of Leipzig