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Submitted on Oct 03, 2021 Useful Info

Getting around Libya.

  • There are several ways of getting around Libya and they can include both public modes of transport and also private means of transport.

By air.

  • Before the civil war, Libyan airlines operated most of the domestic flights in the country.
  • Buraq airlines were also developing a domestic route system with new routes in the country.
  • There is also Libyan wings that are a very reliable air company in the country right now.
  • Be very sure to check the schedules of the flights before doing any ticketing.
  • This is because prior scheduled services may take an extended time to restore.

By train.

  • Libya has had no train system since 1965.
  • Plans and construction are underway for a line that will run from Sirte in the west to Benghazi in the east, eventually making its way to Tripoli.
  • The construction was halted by the wars that broke out in the country.
  • It is unclear when the construction will commence and be completed due to the many setbacks.

By road.

  • Some self-drive car rental services were previously available in the large cities but the rates were typically high and the cars unreliable.
  • Avis and Europcar re-commenced operations as soon as civil order was restored,
  • Their fleets are being replaced in most of the major cities across the country.
  • There are also taxi services that operate in the country.
  • In the major cities, you can get a taxi in very many parts and also from the airport.
  • The prices are not standard due to the lack of a uniform meter service but you can negotiate and bargain the price before the journey.
  • The recommended route of transport for tourists around major towns is taxis.
  • There are also many shared taxis and buses.
  • The small black and white taxis (or death pandas) tend to be safer (more cautious drivers) but learn the term "Shweyah-Shweyah", Libyan for slow-down.