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Getting into Libya

By air.

  • There are several airports that you can enter Libya through.
  • The Tripoli International Airport - It was the largest international airport in the country and is located in the town of Ben Ghashir 34 kilometres south of the Tripoli city centre.
  • It was serviced by most international airlines back in the day before the civil war broke out.
  • Some of the airlines include Libyan Airlines, British Airways and Turkish Airways.
  • It has since resumed operations as Turkish Airways resumed flights to the airport in 2012 and although parts of the airport were destroyed in the civil wars, it is still being used.
  • The Mitiga International Airport - The airport started as The United States Air Force base and is located eight kilometres east of the city centre.
  • During the civil wars, it was the only civilian airport to service the country and that was until 2012 when some operations started moving back to Tripoli international airport.
  • The Benina International Airport is located in the town of Benina 19 kilometres east of Benghazi.
  • Even before the civil war, international flights were seasonal and areas still are to this day.
  • Most of the flights that pass by here are domestic flights.

By train.

  • Libya has no international train connections and no domestic train infrastructure.

By car.

  • One may travel to Libya overland. There are bus and "shared taxi" (accommodating 6 people in a station wagon) services from such places as Tunis, Alexandria, Cairo and Djerba.
  • There have also been reported cases of people travelling with their four-wheel-drive cars and dirt bikes into the country.
  • At the border, one can buy a temporary driving license and number plate to get in with your vehicle into the country.

By boat.

  • Ferries are connecting the Libyan city of Tripoli with Malta and Sfax, Tunisia.