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How to stay safe in Lima

  • Lima is actually one of the less safe cities I've been to
  • I was in Lima for only 5 days and someone from my group physically got hurt and had to go to the hospitals and I had my backpack (with passport and cash in it) stolen. We filed police reports for both incidents
  • Incident 1: a friend physically got hurt
  • We explored the favelas surrounding one of the lookouts in Lima (Cerro San Cristobal)
  • Long story short, 2 local teenagers tried to take our backpacks and we got into a fight. My friend was attacked with a broken beer bottle and ended up with a big gash on his arm
  • Tip: stay far away from favelas!
  • Incident 2: my backpack stolen
  • We were waiting for our bus at the Cruz del Sur bus station to go to Huaccachina. The bus station is in San Isidro, one of the nicer areas of Lima, so I guess I had my guard down a bit
  • We were playing cards so I had my backpack between my legs. By the time we were about to board 30 minutes later, I realized it went missing
  • I had to file a police report and went to the embassy to get a temporary passport
  • Tip: keep an eye on your belongs in main tourist spots at all times!

I'm sure my stupidity was part of the reason. I've not had anything close to this kind of safety issues in the other countries I've been to (yet) so I think Lima is up there in terms of safety issues. Sharing my story as cautionary tale for others