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Submitted on Jul 02, 2018 Useful Info

What to do if your passport is stolen in Lima

I wrote about how my backpack was stolen in Lima. Since my passport was in it, I had to get a replacement one right after. Here's how to do it:

  1. File a police report, get a copy of the report: do this immediately. You can ask your hotel where the closest police station is and just go in there and let them know your passport is stolen. When they have all the information from you, they should give you a copy of the report that you'll need as a temporary documentation elsewhere (including at your embassy)
  2. Go to your country's embassy to get a temporary passport: Lima is where all the embassies are, just Google the address of your country's embassy and go there (here's the of the Canadian Embassy). The temporary passport application process only took 1 day for me. Here's what they asked me to provide:
  3. Police report
  4. My driver's license as a proof of identity, luckily I still had it since I kept it separately from my passport (this is a tip: carry your IDs separately to minimize the risk of losing them both)
  5. Photocopy of my stolen passport
  6. Three references
  7. My itinerary
  8. Go to the Peruvian immigration office and get an entry stamp on your temp passport: because your temp passport is blank, you need to get an entry stamp on it like the one you got in the airport when you landed. I didn't do this step and it caused a lot of issues a few days later when I tried to leave Peru for Bolivia. The immigration office asked for both my temp passport as well as the police report. The process was really quick (I did this in Puno and it took less than 1 hour)
  9. The government agency you need to go to is called Superintendencia Nacional de Migraciones. Here's the location in Lima you need to go to for the stamp.
  10. Here's a link to the address all of the immigration offices in Peru

The temporary passport looks pretty neat though