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Where to exchange currency in Lima

  • The official currency in Peru is Peruvian soles (S/).
  • Lima is very accomodating, most places will accept payment in US dollars and Euros, a few places will also take neighboring Latin American currencies.

Where to Exchange Money In Peru


  • Cambistas are street money exchangers who operate by the sidewalk. I spotted most of them around Miraflores. They wear maroon vests with their individual QR codes so you can verify their identity. Cambistas are registered with the city's municipal council.
  • Cambistas offer better exchange rates than ATMs. Exchanging currency with them is also fast.
  • Caution: Don't exchange large amounts of money when using cambistas, you can be easily targeted by pickpockets. Exchange a maximum of about $200 a time.
  • Cambistas don't issue receipts. An extra security measure is to have your bills stamped by the cambista. Each cambista has their own official stamp. In case you're given any counterfeit bill you can return the money back to the cambista, they'll take it back.
  • Cambistas only exchange euros and dollars to soles and vice versa. For other currencies, you'll have to use other options.
  • Avoid exchanging currency at cambistas and Casas in Larcomar, they have the worst rates in Miraflores.

These are cambistas

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Casa De Cambios ( Currency Exchange Houses)

  • These operate like most exchange houses around the world. They have better rates compared to ATMs.

Airport Currency Exchange Kiosks and ATMs

  • Most ATMs are on the second floor at Jorge Chavez International airport: Banco continental, Banco de national, Scotia Bank, and Banco de Credito.
  • There's a $5 currency exchange fee.
  • Tip: If you hold a Bank of America debit card you can withdraw dollars at no extra charge at Scotia Bank ATMs. If you withdraw soles the $5 fee applies.
  • There are 2 currency exchange kiosks at baggage claim. Just exchange the amount you need for a cab, the rate is really bad.