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How much baggage is allowed in Ethiopian Airlines?



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How Many Bags Does Ethiopian Airlines Allow?

How Many Bags are Allowed to be Carried on Ethiopian Flight?

If you are having a booking with Ethiopian Airlines, then you must go through the baggage policy before packing up for your trip. The airline has a strict baggage policy that the passengers need to follow. To get details about the baggage rules of Ethiopian Airlines, you may read further.

Ethiopian Airlines Baggage Policy

Carry-On Bags:

Carry-on bags are those bags that can be carried by the passengers on the flight. Ethiopian Airlines allows 2 carry-on bags with a maximum weight of 7kg and size of 118cm (Sum of all dimensions) on Business class. The passengers of Economy class can carry one carry-on bag. The maximum weight of the carry-on bag should be 7 kg and the maximum allowed is 118cm. The passengers of all the classes are also allowed to carry one personal item. These nags should easily fit in the overhead bin or under the front seat of the passengers.

Checked Bags:

The passengers of the Ethiopian Business class are allowed to carry 2 checked bags with a maximum size of 32 kg. The maximum size allowed for the checked bags for business class passengers is 158 cm ( Sum of all dimensions). Ethiopian Airlines allows Economy class passengers to carry 2 checked bags with a maximum size of 23 kgs. The maximum allowed size of the checked bags is 158 cm for the Economy class passengers also.

For carrying extra bags, oversized bags, or overweight bags, Ethiopian Airlines passengers will have to pay some additional charges. To get details about the charges, the passengers can call the customer service associate of Ethiopian Airlines. Now, if the passengers have this query, How do I call Ethiopian Airlines? Then, they can check out the official website of Ethiopian Airlines. They can find the contact details on the contact page of Ethiopian Airlines.