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Should I change or cancel a Southwest flight

Whenever there are sudden changes in the plans, the person is stuck between changes and cancels the flight. It is quite a normal scenario where the flyer is in this situation. Though for some, it may be challenging but not impossible. If you are in the same situation, then you can go through this write-up. In this, you can know about the better option that does not cost you any charges.

What will happen if you cancel the southwest flight?

In the first case, you are cancelling the tickets, then read the below points to know about it.

  • If you cancel the booked tickets within 24 hours of booking, then you don’t have to pay them any fee; you can get the full refund.
  • When the ticket is cancelled after 24 hours of booking, and then you might have to bear some charges. These charges rely on the type of destination and the tickets you have
  • You can cancel the tickets and gets a refund only when you have purchased the ticket from the official website of the southwest.
  • For cancellation over the phone, you don’t have to pay any single penny; it is free, but only when you are doing this within 24 hours of purchasing the ticket

What will happen if you change the southwest flight?

In this case, airlines let you change the flight to another flight. Now, there are some scenarios that you must be aware of

  • When you make changes in your booking, like flight change, then you will find that you can change for free when you do this 24 hours after the departure.
  • During changing, you will be provided with the newly available flights, where you only have to bear some fare difference only.
  • You can change the flight online, or you can interact with the person at the Southwest. However, with the second method, there will be some additional charges.
  • Changing flight means you have to again reschedule and reissue the whole southwest ticket. So it may increase the process timing, but you can use the refund amount to book the ticket.

Is it better to change or cancel a Southwest flight ? In case you have made the one-way trip, then you can go with the change flight option. In this, you can make a new booking and avoid the cancellation charges. So which one is better is totally rely on the type of bookings you have and when you are making the changes.