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The most amazing tourist attractions to visit in Los Angeles

Think of L.A., and immediately we're transported to the vision of long drives into the sunset with a warm breeze caressing our faces. Perhaps it conjures up images of glitz and glamour, L.A. being the lap of luxury where Hollywood rests its head. Los Angeles was named the City of Angels for a reason – it is like paradise on earth. If you are thinking of visiting this heavenly place, try to stay for a week. The city has so much to offer that it cannot be covered in a day or two.

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However, we have listed down five of the best tourist attractions for you in case you are short on time.

  1. AMUSEMENT PARKS - L.A. has so many amusement parks to offer that the hardest part might be picking one. There is the famous Universal Studios where you can visit the wizarding world of Harry Potter and chug some butterbeer. If you like some adrenaline, better visit the Six Flags Magic Mountain for those epic rides. And of course, there is Disneyland. You can relive your childhood and visit the happiest place on earth.
  2. RODEO DRIVE - Famous for that scene in Pretty Woman, where Julia Robert goes shopping, Rodeo Drive oozes luxury. Chanel, Prada, and Louis Vuitton all have their stores here. You might also get some celeb sightings if you're lucky. Be ready to drop some serious cash if you shop at Rodeo Drive. Otherwise, steer clear because it'll be a big mistake. Huge.
  3. WALK AMONG THE STARS- Ahh, Hollywood – The home of the rich and famous. While we can't ever meet Marlon Brando or Audrey Hepburn, we can click a picture with their Walk of Fame star. The Hollywood Walk of Fame has over 2600 stars dedicated to various actors, singers, and directors, etc. who have worked in Hollywood. If you're a movie buff, you can walk along and see all the famous names. Better yet, go down to the Chinese Theatre and The Hollywood Museum to know more about Hollywood's history.
  4. HAVE A VISUAL FEAST AT THE GETTY- Originally called The J. Paul Getty Museum, the Getty is a must-see for the art buffs. An architectural attraction in itself, the museum houses some of the most famous paintings ever to grace a canvas. You can find works by Renoir and Monet here. And perhaps the most popular of the art displayed at the Getty is the painting Irises by Vincent Van Gogh. Even if you are not into art, visit the Getty for the beautiful views you get from the top of the building.
  5. SOAK SOME SUN AT BEACHES- Last but certainly not least, are the L.A. beaches. Probably on every L.A. itinerary is a trip to the sandy shores. You will be overwhelmed with the sheer variety of different beaches you can visit. Each beach has a charm of its own. There are the famous Malibu Lagoon State Beach and Venice Beach where you witness a slice of L.A. culture. The rocky El Matador looks straight out of a pictorial while the Zuma Beach lures tourists with its dolphin and whale sightings. Pick a beach, put on some sunscreen, and relax by the salty waves of L.A.


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Here you go! These are some of the attractions that Los Angeles offers you; this is only a teaser. Whether you like adventure, history, or just some R&R, Angels' City has got it covered.