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How to pay for things in Malaysia

  • Even though credit cards are accepted in many places, especially around Kuala Lumpur, you'll still need lots of cash to travel in Malaysia
  • Credit card acceptance situation in Malaysia:
  • Visa and Mastercard are the most widely accepted. AMEX, Discover and JCB are rarely accepted
  • In Kuala Lumpur, credit cards are usually usable at malls, airport, hotels, popular restaurants, bars
  • In KL, smaller shops and restaurants, hawker centers, street food, and most local transportation providers like taxi do not accepted credit cards
  • Outside of KL, credit card acceptance will be much lower outside of airport/hotel/resorts
  • What you should do:
  • The best way to pay for things in Malaysia is to withdraw cash from ATMs with your bank card. Our ATMs work with most international bank cards, and they are everywhere in Malaysia so you should never have trouble finding one when you need it even outside of KL
  • ATMs here in Malaysia don't charge you a fee for withdrawal using international bank cards. The only fees you'll be charged is any international withdrawal fees imposed by your own bank back home
  • Avoid Dynamic Currency Conversion option when using ATMs. This is when it asks you if you want to convert your money before withdrawing. Always choose no. Using this option means you get a 5% worse exchange rate
  • You can also bring foreign currency and exchange it here, though it's not quite as convenient as using ATMs. USD is the best currency for this purpose, but you'll have no problem exchange any major currency like Euro, SGD, Yen, RMB, Baht, CAD, AUD, GBP