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Everything you need to know to visit Malindi

  • Malindi is an off the beaten path destination along the Kenyan coast. The town just north of Mombasa used to serve as an important port city in the 1500s but is now constantly overlooked.

How to get to Malindi

  1. By flight
  2. By bus
  3. By train
  • The easiest way to get to Malindi is by flying into Malindi international airport. The airport doesn't directly receive international flights. You have to connect to Malindi via Nairobi's JKIA. Malindi airport is only 15 minutes away from the town center.
  • Several bus companies run daily day and night trips from Nairobi to Malindi. These include Tahmeed, Buscar, Mash, Modern coast, and Dreamline.
  • Economy class tickets cost Ksh 2500 ($25) while business class tickets cost Ksh 3000 ($30). All buses are picked along River Road in Nairobi's CBD.
  • It takes 10 hours to get from Nairobi to Malindi by bus. Buses only stop once along the way at Mtito Andei for passengers to buy food and visit washrooms. There are no washrooms on Kenyan buses.
  • The new Madaraka express train only runs from Nairobi to the coastal city of Mombasa which is almost 100km from Malindi. If you are seeking adventure, taking the train will suit you since it gives you a glimpse of Tsavo and Nairobi national parks.
  • You'll have to connect to Malindi by taxi from the train terminus in Mombasa. Most taxi drivers charge from Ksh 5000 for a trip from Mombasa to Malindi.

How to get around in Malindi.

  • There's no mobile taxi-hailing service in Malindi, you can hire a local taxi to take you around.
  • In my opinion, the best means for moving around in Malindi is by tuk-tuk. These are all over the town, they're cheap and generally safe. For most of my trips within Malindi town, they charged me between Ksh 100- Ksh 150. Have local currency and in cash since tuk-tuk drivers don't accept payment in foreign currency or by mobile money payment. Only find a taxi in case you have a trip outside town.

Top attractions in Malindi

  • These are some of the top attractions and places to visit around Malindi. Entry to most of these places is free or generally cheap ( less than $15)

Malindi Marine Park and Watamu Marine Park

  • Watamu is a small fishing village just 30 minutes from Malindi. Watamu marine park and Malindi marine park are both great to visit though Watamu is more biologically diverse and there are more activities to do there. Watamu marine park entry fee is $15 for nonlocals. Park activities include snorkeling, diving, glass-bottom boat rides, skiing and surfing.
  • Watamu marine park and reserve also consists of:
  1. Gedi Ruins
  2. Haven of green turtle
  3. Unique coral garden
  4. Kipepeo project
  5. Mida creek
  • Entry to all these attractions is included in the park entry fees.

Marafa Hell's kitchen

  • Marafa's he'll kitchen is a sacred gorge 40kmaway from Malindi where locals used to perform rituals. Most people visit at sunrise or sunset, the views are amazing.
  • Entry fees: free.

Falconry of Kenya

  • This is a private zoo within Malindi town featuring a large collection of birds and other animals. Entry fee is Ksh 200.