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Getting to Malindi

  • Malindi is a town in the coastal strip of Kenya.
  • Just like many coastal towns in East Africa, it is such a fantastic tourist destination site that is vibrant on its own accord.
  • The town is not overly populated and therefore you are sure to enjoy the coastal lifestyle without always bumping into a lot of people or having to deal with traffic and jammed beaches as many places are.
  • It has three major parts of the town that include;
  1. Watamu.
  2. Malindi
  3. Mambrui.
  • Depending on what you really want to get out of your trip. There are also no shortages of places to visit.
  • There are two main ways of getting to Malindi that include; Road and air travel.

Road transport.

  • This is the most commonly used means of transport of getting to Malindi.
  • There are public transport systems that are available along the entire coastal strip of Kenya that include matatus and buses.
  • From any town such as Mombasa, you could opt to board a matatu or bus that will get you to Malindi.
  • You can also be directed to the bus stage. Most of these public transport systems are reliable, however, if you enjoy comfort or would like to reach your destination very fast then private transport is also available.
  • In every hotel or at the airport in Mombasa or Malindi, you will be able to get a taxi that can ferry you.
  • The taxi can also act to take you sightseeing and the price depends on the distance and the driver.
  • Most taxi drivers are open to this idea.
  • You could also opt for Uber which is not that widespread in Malindi but if you are willing to wait then this is a good option for you.
  • The locals love using motorcycles to get to places within Malindi.
  • If you want to experience the culture with the locals, you could opt for this.

Air transport.

  • There is an airport in Malindi that you could fly from and to any other airports in the country,
  • This is a convenient mode of transport that many prefer.