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How to exchange your money in Malindi

Malindi, just like many tourist centres, gets people from all over the world. Therefore, do not worry if you forget to change your money to Kenyan shillings as I assure you, it happens to a lot of people.

So what should you do if you forget to exchange your money and you find yourself in Malindi?


  • If you forget to exchange your cash, the airport is one of the easiest places to find an exchange bureau.
  • There are friendly staff that can assist you.
  • Here there is a high number of currencies that you can exchange your money from which is a good thing as in other areas, you might not get so many options
  • Take care of the exchange rate at the bureau as it can get high.


  • The other option that you can use is to walk into the local banks which can assist you.
  • make sure to walk into a recognizable bank as some offices can pose as banks to dupe you.
  • To find out if a bank is legit, you can quickly verify it using google maps.
  • Maps can also help you locate the banks.

Exchange Bureau.

  • There are exchange bureaus that function across the town.
  • These are an option for you but quite often they have the highest exchange rate in the area and so should be used as a final option.
  • They can also be limited in the number of currencies they can exchange as they can only exchange the American and Canadian dollar, the British pound, the Euro and South African rand.