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How to eat street food at night markets in Mandalay

  • Like most of Southeast Asian cities, Mandalay has a thriving street food scene, and on my trip there I pretty much lived off street food for the most part
  • The prices are really, really cheap. I got enough food for dinner for around 3000 kyat, which is like $2
  • The best place to get street food are the night markets that start around 5pm and get into full swing around 630pm
  • The main night market in Mandalay is the Zay Cho night market, along 84th Street just south of the Zay Cho market
  • On one of the nights I also just walked on foot around here close to the hotel I stayed at, and found some decent night markets as well
  • At the night markets, a lot of the food vendors have little stools you can sit on around tables you can eat on. When you see one you like, just ask them how much the food is (I asked them in English and used a lot of hand gestures) and then just sit down. They'll start giving you food and you just pay at the end
  • I didn't get any health issues from the street food. They're probably not the cleanest judging by how the food is just kept in the open air, but for the most part you should be ok. During my research I haven't come across any serious health issues to be aware of with regards to the street food in Myanmar. One thing though is I only ever drink bottled water in Myanmar (as well as the rest of Southeast Asia). I've had some food vendors offer me water here but I never drank them
  • The night markets in Mandalay are extremely local. I don't recall seeing many tourists there. Just something to keep in mind.
  • The foods available at the night markets I found were mostly various kinds of skewers, grilled meats, rice or sticky rice-based foods, and fruits