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Updated on Sep 26, 2019 Useful Info

ATM fees in Manila for travellers

  • ATMs are everywhere in Manila; they're probably the most convenient way for travellers to get pesos while visiting
  • Most ATMs in Manila (as well as Philippines) charge fees of 250 pesos per withdrawal for foreign bank cards. That's roughly $4.75 USD. So it's quite hefty. The maximum amount per withdrawal is 10,000 pesos, equivalent to $190USD. So the fee works out to be 2.5%
  • In addition to the ATM fees, your own bank will likely charge you an international withdrawal fee too, making it even more expensive
  • One thing to keep in mind is to never use DCC (dynamic currency conversion), it's an option on the ATMs to "convert to local currency". The ATM will give you pesos whether you choose this or not, the only difference is this will make the exchange rate 5-10% worse
  • If your country's currency is considered a major currency (USD, GBP, Euro, JPY), you will likely get a better rate by bringing cash and converting it for pesos in Manila. There are lots of currency exchanges all over Manila and you can often get a spread of just 1-2%. The downside is that cash conversion is more hassle than taking money directly from ATMs